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Sharing Our Appreciation for Dental Assistants

Smiling dentist and child pointing at screen

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Today’s dental assistants contribute to quality dental care, elevate clinic productivity and enhance the professionalism of their amazing team members. Join me in recognizing these valuable partners who help keep dental practices operating efficiently.

March 3-9, dental offices throughout the world celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW), by celebrating the significant contributions dental assistants make in helping to improve the oral health of their patients and the public.

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Give Kids a Smile Coming Close to Home

Give Kids a Smile children


Thousands of children in Minnesota face barriers to obtaining oral health care across the state. It isn’t only a problem in the Midwest; it is a problem that affects the nation as a whole.

I’ve discussed the amazing generosity of Give Kids a Smile in other parts of the country, but now that kindness is returning home to Minnesota for the 11th consecutive year, February 1-2.

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Photo Recap: 3M ESPE at ADA

We had an amazing time showcasing the 3M™ True Definition Scanner at this year’s American Dental Association (ADA) Annual Session in San Francisco. In addition to redefining the economics of CAD/CAM dentistry with our new advanced digital impression system, we celebrated 10 years of restoring smiles with Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative.

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3M™ True Definition Scanner: boldly redefining the economics of CAD/CAM dentistry

3M™ True Definition Scanner Image


We are thrilled to be making the debut of the 3M™ True Definition Scanner at this year’s American Dental Association (ADA) Annual Session in San Francisco. As the title of the event goes, “The Future of Dentistry Meets Here” – I think we’ve hit the target message of the event head-on.

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Give Kids A Smile Race Weekend Recap and off to CDA Presents

Greg Biffle with Children at Give Kids A Smile 2012


We have a lot to smile about after this past weekend. 3M ESPE, along with our partners the American Dental Association (ADA), Henry Schein, Inc. and the ADA Foundation had a great few days at the Give Kids A Smile event in Richmond, Va.

We were able to help hundreds of underserved children with free dental health screenings at the 58th Annual Richmond 400 during NASCAR weekend. With the help of NASCAR star Greg Biffle we’ve helped share the importance of routine oral care with many more on and off the track.

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Give Kids A Smile Kick Off with NASCAR Star Greg Biffle

Greg Biffle at racetrack with Give Kids A Smile Crew


Last week was the grand kick-off event for the 10th anniversary of the “Give Kids A Smile®” program with more than 500 students at Lake Norman Elementary in Mooresville, NC.

The American Dental Association (ADA), Henry Schein, Inc., the ADA Foundation and 3M ESPE teamed up with Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 3M racecar, in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series once again this year to help make healthy oral-habits routine for children.

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Giving Dental Assistants the Recognition They Deserve

Dental Assistants with Patient

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Dental assistants play an important role in dental practices by helping to enrich patient care, boost productivity and provide support to strengthen the entire dental team. Their valuable contributions are recognized each year by dental offices and associations in the United States and around the globe, including the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA), American Dental Association (ADA), Canadian Dental Association, United States Army, U.S. Air Force dental clinics and many more.

This year, the above organizations designated the week of March 4 as Dental Assistants Week to recognize the hard work and dedication dental assistants provide to the field of dentistry and their local communities. The week marks the 35th year of celebrating the dedication of dental assistants with the theme of “Key to Productivity: The Professional Dental Assistant.”

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An Easier Way to Find Product Evaluations

Have you ever cleaned out a closet or filing cabinet and come across a huge stack of old magazines? There was a time when many dentists kept their back issues of The Journal of the American Dental Association and other periodicals, as this was the easiest way to reference them without a trip to the library. Many people did the same with mainstream publications like Consumer Reports.

While it can be briefly entertaining to stumble across an old stack of magazines—for the vintage ads if nothing else—thankfully today most of the product rankings and studies we need can be accessed online.

What are your go-to online sources if you want to look up product information? Do you do a deep dive for studies on PubMed, or do you prefer a faster distillation from a source like REALITY? (If you are a REALITY member, you may be interested in seeing the recent 4.5 star rating of our Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative.)

I’d be interested in knowing how frequently you use resources like this to find product evaluations. It’s certainly easier than keeping all those print issues in a box.

What do dentistry and car racing have in common?

3M ESPE recently teamed up with Henry Schein and the ADA’s Give Kids a Smile on an initiative to bring dental education to children at NASCAR events. The program distributed 7,000 free oral health kits at a family day event at the Charlotte, NC racetrack on March 12. We understand that most people probably aren’t thinking about dental care when they attend a sporting event, but in this case that’s precisely the point. NASCAR is the number one spectator sport in the US, and thousands of kids are in attendance at these races with their families. Events like this are an excellent opportunity to connect with kids in a fun way, and we’re glad to help educate them about dental care in this atmosphere. The highlight of this season’s initiative is yet to come—on October 15, the program will offer children free dental evaluations, fluoride treatments and dental sealants at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The Give Kids a Smile program is in its ninth year now, and more than 400,000 underserved children have received free oral health care from more than 12,000 dentists nationwide. 3M ESPE is proud to be a part of this ongoing work.