Igniting Innovation – 3M scientists inspire the next generation

Students honored for win

3M ESPE was honored to be named the most innovative company in the worldwide dental industry for its seventh consecutive year in 2012. We truly appreciate this recognition from The Anaheim Group, as our achievement is not only the direct result of 3M’s continued investment in research and development, but also our culture of collaboration.

3M’s legacy of innovation continues to propel new opportunities forward, and the collaborative approach through which we realize novel solutions goes beyond the walls of our laboratories. Input from customers, coupled with true understanding of their needs and opportunities, drive our ability to uniquely combine various 3M technologies and collaborate to keep customers innovative.

The team at 3M ESPE, and all members of the 3M family work diligently to retain competitive edge and fuel growth.

As part of our commitment to ensure consistency of such innovation for years to come, we participate in a number of programs to encourage future generations to take interest in the wonders of science and pursue innovative careers that will inspire solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

One example is our partnership with Discovery Education, a program that welcomes middle school students to the 3M Innovation Center for a national competition known as the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

A team of very talented 3M corporate scientists, including 3M ESPE’s own Dr. Joe Oxman, collaborated with and mentored ten bright minds during the interactive competition, helping to guide and inspire their exploratory journey of science and innovation. Click here to see how these young innovators tackled the challenge to compete for the title of “America’s Top Young Scientist.”

Want to learn more about how 3M innovation continues to improve daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world? Check out the 3M YouTube channel, interact with our 3M-innovation website and follow the @3MInnovation Twitter handle.


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