Changing Lives Through Oral Health Care

Changing Lives Campaign Image

You may have noticed that 3M ESPE launched an inspirational campaign this summer that just wrapped up at the end of September. It was called, “Make a difference. Change a life.”

We know dentists use Filtek™ Restoratives to change lives every day, but we wanted to hear from our loyal customers, the personal stories of how they were using Filtek to enhance their patients’ lives for the better. What we heard was unbelievable.

The Changing Lives campaign resulted in some truly moving stories that I wanted to take a moment to highlight.

In addition to these great videos, you can read numerous stories (more than 200 have been submitted!) by proud dentists who have been part of a movement that helps improve people’s lives with oral health care and Filtek Restoratives. These personal accounts are inspiring others to do more, work harder and give more of their support to the communities that have made us all stronger.

Do you have story to share? There is still time to submit! Tell us how Filtek dental restoratives have helped you and your patients – and get a FREE refill of Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative.


6 comments so far

  1. David Snape (@davesnape) on

    It is, after all, about helping people. So many people have missing teeth. If there were not good doctors to help them look normal again, they could have self esteem problems.. Now they can look very natural..

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  3. sherkyn calims on

    oh great blog! hope you can post also about Chicago Prosthodontist ,thanks

  4. medical tourism costa rica on

    Thats wonderful… 3M ESPE launched campaign. It really Very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nemarket Dentist on

    It’s great to see professionals and corporations such as 3M ESPE use their talents and technology to make such a profound difference in people’s lives.


  6. sherkyn calims on

    great post! it’s very informative. Hope to see post also about Cosmetic Dentist. Thanks

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