3M™ True Definition Scanner: boldly redefining the economics of CAD/CAM dentistry

3M™ True Definition Scanner Image


We are thrilled to be making the debut of the 3M™ True Definition Scanner at this year’s American Dental Association (ADA) Annual Session in San Francisco. As the title of the event goes, “The Future of Dentistry Meets Here” – I think we’ve hit the target message of the event head-on.

Our goal for the 3M True Definition Scanner was to deliver predictable clinical outcomes, flexible choices, accuracy, familiarity and most importantly, affordability – putting CAD/CAM dentistry within reach of every dentist.

3M has a powerful arsenal of R&D partners, in-house scientists and dental professionals who thrive on ingenuity. Together, they have the opportunity to cross-pollinate amongst 3M’s world-leading divisions to deliver innovative products such as the 3M True Definition Scanner. The result of their hard work is an advanced digital impression system that is a feasible and smart investment for any dental practice.

“The 3M True Definition Scanner is shattering the high financial barrier of CAD/CAM dentistry with an unprecedented price,” said Chad E. Naughton, U.S. Chairside Marketer for 3M ESPE. “We’ve built a system that provides better oral care, a better patient experience and improved productivity, compared to the traditional process.”

We find pride in knowing that our new CAD/CAM system delivers predictable clinical outcomes – great for dentists handling the 3M True Definition Scanner and for their patients who will have a better patient experience as a result of it. The new system helps provide faster and easier patient care as a result of advanced digital impressions that help eliminate inaccuracies that are inherent in the traditional process.

This also means improved productivity for you and your team. The new system offers less stress as a result of fewer procedural steps, less hassle, faster turnaround and more accurate results form the lab – meaning reduced seating times and remakes for your patients.

Visit us during the ADA Annual Session to learn how the 3M True Definition Scanner is more accurate—and more consistently accurate—than leading systems on the market. “3D-in-motion” video technology enables you to capture and simultaneously view a true replica of the oral anatomy in awesome detail – giving you the flexibility needed for quadrant dentistry and the accuracy demanded for full arch dentistry.

In addition, dentists are getting more choices. “We’ve developed an open and secure cloud based platform called the 3M™ Connection Center, which offers more choices for sharing clinical case files, including STL files for flexibility,” said Naughton. “The 3M True Definition system was designed to connect with mills and other systems—current and future—empowering dentist to choose the best solution for the desired clinical outcome.”

Make sure you visit us at the 2012 ADA Annual Session (booth #5644) to get your opportunity to experience this groundbreaking digital CAD/CAM system that is shattering financial and technological barriers.


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