Dentistry in the News: Resource Roundup with Questions

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Is articaine better than lidocaine? Do you know what SMAY stands for? Do you have an answer to these questions? If not, you are in luck!

Below, I have compiled a handful of recent articles that examine the articaine and lidocaine debate, explain the meaning of SMAY and much more. Soon, you’ll have a plethora of answers and access to knowledge you may not have possessed prior to this post. So, dive in!

  • Can good dental service be fast? Dr. Sheri B. Doniger examines the fast, cheap and good scenario in regards to dentistry for Dr. Bicuspid in their latest Dental Diaries.
  • Happy Birthday! The Navy Dental Corps is celebrating a century of service to the United States. “You [Navy Dental Corp members] have served as advocates for the oral health of Navy personnel and their families. You have contributed to organized dentistry on an ongoing basis,” said ADA President William R. Calnon. Find out how an important Act played a part in recognizing Navy Dentistry as a distinct branch.
  • I’m going to scream (IGS)! Check out what SMAY means and learn about other dental office acronyms from DentalBuzz – they will give you a nice chuckle.
  • Bad teeth = bad grades? Learn how poor oral health may mean missed school and lower grades according to a recent study.
  • Dr. Bicuspid examines recent studies that investigated the articaine and lidocaine debate. Have your own thoughts on the discussion? After the read, feel free to share in the comment section below.
  • Feel like you are not getting the message across? Find out how you can speak so your patients will listen.

Have you have soaked up some new knowledge to get your mind working? Do you have a recent article that brought some new insight to you lately? Share below!


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    • 3M ESPE on

      Thank you for yourpost. It is always encouraging to hear back from one of our readers.

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