#Trending: Dental Resources to Follow, Watch and “Like”

Looking for some social savvy followers to boost your Twitter stream, Facebook feed, Google+ circles or YouTube subscription with dental highlights, news and important oral health conversations? Yes? Great!

I’ve compiled a handful of helpful individuals, institutions, companies, associations and organizations that 3M ESPE follows. They are leveraging social media to share all things dentistry with their communities online.

The University of Michigan School of Dentistry YouTube channel shares great videos that pertain to dental research, courses and events throughout the year. From videos on oral pathology to historical dental materials – the University of Michigan School of Dentistry YouTube page keeps a very robust online portfolio. In addition, they boast 9+ million video views and have more than 11,000 subscribers.

If you are looking for daily dental news and information updates on Twitter, @DrBicuspid is an excellent handle to follow. They provide timely Tweets with quick snippets of breaking dental news, case histories, new research findings and much more to help general dentists, hygienists, assistants, and all other dental professionals stay abreast of the top dental industry news.

Henry Schein Dental does a fantastic job of sharing pertinent dental tips and news to help dentists improve their practice.  They keep it light and fun and ask engaging questions to spark dentistry dialogue in the “Twittersphere” at their Twitter handle, @HScheinDental.

On Facebook, Give Kids A Smile helps provide a “feel-good” moment for everyone’s day with timely posts on individuals and organizations that are helping children, the underserved and many others with free dental services and oral health education.  Learn how your colleagues in the industry are taking part in a movement to help those in need of dental care across the nation.

In addition, the nation’s largest dental hygienists’ association, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) has a vast social network, including a very large presence on Facebook. The group advocates for increasing the awareness of the cost-effective benefits of prevention and promotes helpful tips, events and continuing education opportunities for dental professionals on their Facebook page.

The Kansas Dental Association keeps busy on their Google+ page by regularly posting national dental news, as well as local news relevant to the state of Kansas. They like to highlight top performing dentists in the state and they keep their circles active and engaged by keeping their posts personable and lively.

Looking to keep up on the latest technologies, tools and products to enhance your patients’ oral health care? @PattersonDental keeps their Twitter stream flowing with daily posts on new products and dental facts. Also, they are very active in responding to questions and engaging with their social community of dental practitioners.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow 3M ESPE on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Youtube! What other social sites do you visit for dental health resources?


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