Resource Roundup: Dental Marketing Tips to Help the Bottom Line

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Looking for ideas to help build your brand and increase revenue? Most businesses are, but I understand that it can be especially tricky when, as a dentist, your primary focus is on providing outstanding oral care to your patients. To help, I’ve eliminated some of the research time out of the equation.

Below, I’ve compiled some helpful articles and resources that might make a great fit for your dental marketing mix.

Looking for more tips and hints for the dental practitioner? Be sure to visit our 3M ESPE Facebook and Twitter pages to stay abreast of all things dentistry.

Please share in the comment section below if you have any tips or tricks of the trade to help keep dental offices busy.


5 comments so far

  1. AmandaR88 on

    These kinds of post sometimes scare me, ‘cos now I see how much work I have to do, in order to get make goals straight… But, baby steps, one at the time…
    Tnx for the post, it was educational, and of course, Optimistic :p

    PS Keep up with good work, perhaps you encourage more of us :p

  2. 3M ESPE on

    Hi Amanda,
    I certainly didn’t want to scare you 🙂

    If you would like a quick read , I can recommend a book called “Grouped” by Paul Adams. The book is about the changes that are occuring in both business and our personal lives driven by the impact of Social Media and specifically small “groups” of people.

    Happy reading – it is thought provoking.


  3. find a local dentist on

    Thanks for valuable tips, really helpful in dental marketing.

  4. Bill Mitchell on

    Thanks for the Mention. I added your post into our Facebook

    • 3M ESPE on

      You’re welcome. Thanks for including on your Facebook page.

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