Revisit: The 3M ESPE Oral Health Risk Assessment and Management Resource

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As a follow up to last weeks’ RDH Under One Roof show post, I thought it would be great to touch base on the resources 3M ESPE offers for members of the hygienist community. Often, our busy work schedules and lives play a part in eroding our memories of great content and learning resources that we used to leverage in the past.

If you haven’t visited the 3M ESPE Preventive Measures’ page recently or ever, I invite you to stop by for some great literature, assessment tips and other resources surrounding preventive oral health and care.

The site highlights include:

  • Caries Risk and Management
  • Periodontal Disease Risk and Management
  • Treatment product guide
  • Downloadable materials to help guide the conversation with patients

As members of the dental and hygienist communities, we understand the importance of preventive care. We also understand the emphasis on empowering patients with knowledge, guidance and support when it comes to sharing how they can better manage their oral health away from the dental office.

Their involvement and understanding is critical to many treatment successes and the 3M ESPE Preventive Measures site shares helpful tips on conveying these very important messages with your patients.

I’d recommend you take a moment to download and review the “Preventive Measures Oral Health Risk Assessment and Management” guidebook. It provides ideas for establishing a formal preventive program to help boost your clinics standard of care, as well as other tips for assessing risk and identifying clinical protocol.

In addition, learn how you can receive a customized 3M ESPE Preventive Measures Risk Assessment Tool for your practice by contacting your local Dental Practice Specialist.

Where do you go for preventive tools and resources? Share with others below in the comment section!


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