Great Eats on the Road

Rib eye steak with vegetables

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We had a busy spring traveling to support important causes, attending great tradeshows and partaking in innovative meetings. During my travels I’ve come across some excellent eateries that have tantalized my taste buds and left me yearning for a return visit, so I decided to share a handful of them with you.

Check out some of my favorite indulgences on the road.

‘wichCraft San Francisco
My favorite stop for a quick bite in San Francisco is definitely ‘wichCraft. Chef and head judge of Bravo’s Top Chef, Tom Colicchio, founded ’wichcraft with partners Sisha Ortuzar and Jeffrey Zurofsky in 2003. The menu focuses on fresh and organically grown foods and offers locations in New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Try my favorite – the pole-caught tuna sandwich on a ciabatta role with fennel, green olives, lemon and spiced aioli.

Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis
Don’t be scared away by the name – it is a fantastic restaurant, especially for my favorite… brunch! For breakfast, you cannot go wrong with the shrimp and crab cake with poached egg. And ask your server to bring “Bottled Hell” at no extra charge for some added heat.

Three things you must try – the toasted sausage bread, the homemade tomato catsup and the homemade peanut butter – there is no substitute for these homemade delicacies!

Jacques-Imo’s Cafe in New Orleans
At first, you are going to think what the heck am I doing in this part of town? Secondly, what is that pickup truck with a table for two doing sitting right out front of the restaurant?

After you get over your paranoia and soak up the atmosphere – you’ll focus on the food! And don’t even think about your waistline in this place, its eclectic mix of creole and Cajun is going to hurt it. The portions are big and the prices reasonable.

Indulge in one of my favorites, the deep-fried roast beef Po-Boy sandwich. It is an experience that your taste buds will love, while making your waistline sigh.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House in Fort Worth, TX
There are lots of places to eat steak, but there is only one Del Frisco’s – actually, there are several locations across the U.S. for you to visit. They bring an excellent menu to the table, but who needs a menu when we all know the reason we’ve arrived is for some mouthwatering red meat?

My favorite steak is the 12 oz. filet; it’s simply prepared with salt and pepper. For those looking for a colossal-sized dinner entrée, they feature a stunning 32 oz. rib eye. Unfortunately, the last time I ate a steak that size I was 25 and playing rugby. I most certainly am not able to conquer either today – consume a 32 oz. steak or play rugby.

Anaheim White House Restaurant in Anaheim, CA
The Anaheim White House Restaurant is a great place to go when you are attending the California Dental Association meeting. It is a short 15-minute taxi ride from the Hilton Hotel, and well worth the trip! The building, as the name suggests, is impressive and grand. The interior decor is old world and the service is outstanding.

The food presentation is especially noteworthy, because you’ll consume your dish with your sight well before your first bite – and your eyes will not lie to you during this memorable meal!

The Italian influence on the menu is exceptional. I have eaten here many times over the years and it has become a strong favorite of mine when visiting Orange County.

Oddly enough, I’ve enjoyed some of the most unusual food combinations here and have absolutely LOVED IT! I can recommend without reservation – the Salmon Chocolat. The salmon is served atop white Belgian chocolate mashed-potato purée – the flavors are exquisite.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my favorite bites from the road, sound-off on where you can’t wait to return for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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  1. Jason Schwartz on

    Chicago- Il Quartino- ‘Where the wine is cheaper than water’ is probably the worst keep secret for dining out during the Midwinter Meeting. Italian tapas, made for groups and good times… very loud though.

    San Francisco- Canton Seafood and Sim Sum- whether it’s dim sum for lunch or as its traditionally done for breakfast, you can’t go wrong sharing the best dim sum goodies in SF. Go with a group of 3 or more to get a good variety.

    Chicago- Flaco’s Taco’s- Yup! Taco’s in Chicago. Criminally good and cheap. Try the Al Pastor tacos or the sublime Picadillo (beef and potatoes). Great quick lunch if you’re ever on Rush Street.

    Anaheim- In and Out- It’s an addiction. So much so that even well traveled dental industry vets usually make a bee-line for ‘double-double’s animal style’ soon after landing. There is one a few miles from the convention center but if you go at peak lunch hours, be prepared to wait, though the lines do move quickly and it is soooo worth it.

    Chicago- The Wiener Circle- Late night eats. Just do a YouTube search to see why it’s a must visit form of entertainment… and don’t be offended by the staff, offend back!

    • 3M ESPE on

      Hi Jason,

      Some great sounding eateries. Thanks for the post.


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