15-Minutes of Fame with Dentaltown

Thirty odd years ago, Andy Warhol said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. If you’ve seen the recent cover of Dentaltown magazine, you’ll notice I had my chance. Recently, 3M ESPE had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed for the corporate profile of the April issue. We had the great privilege to share our story and provide readers with a little insight into our innovative company.

In addition, what a lot of you will not know is that after the interview was completed we needed a photo shoot – cue lights and stylists. Warhol’s statement struck a chord as I learned they were going to put my 6’ 4”, 250-pound frame on the front cover.

I thought I had everything they needed. Suit and tie – check. iPad in hand – check. Smile – check. But something wasn’t quite right…cue the makeup artist!

Now it might come as a shock, but Englishmen typically don’t have much experience with makeup application – ladies I can now relate! As a way to share in my fun experience I’ve included a few “outtakes” below for your viewing pleasure.

Keith Dentaltown photoshoot makeup application

© 3M

© 3M

As you can see, I always stay connected – even during makeup application.

3M ESPE Dentaltown photoshoot

© 3M

Now, spare me of the embarrassment and let me know what you think of the final product – the 3M ESPE Corporate Profile that is!

3M ESPE Dentaltown corporate profile image of Keith

© 3M


5 comments so far

  1. John Stefanick on

    Great article and great humor in the blog, Keith. Shows what a little makeup can do, especially the shiny headlights! (head lights) 🙂

    • 3M ESPE on

      I had fun with this one !

  2. Deckel on

    Did you get make-up on your phone?

    • 3M ESPE on

      Not enough to make me trade it in for an iPhone 🙂

  3. Joe Warner on


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