Old Becomes New Again at SXSW

Airplanes flying in the air

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A couple weeks ago, SXSW held it’s annual gathering in Austin, Texas. SXSW is a convergence of music, film and interactive – bringing some of the brightest minds in cutting-edge digital, creative spirits in film and independent and internationally known music stars together for nine days.

You may be expecting me to bring up a new, exciting digital tool that will transform the marketing world, but I’d like to share something from SXSW that combines the “old” world with the “new” world – posters, specifically “smart paper.”

As many marketers know, digital marketing has experienced tremendous growth. I have been very much associated with a push away from print advertising and have become an advocate for the efficiency and productivity of everything “e.”

First, this is something that needs to be seen and experienced before you can truly understand its untapped power. Check out this link to Discovery News that showcases a paper app poster at SXSW called the “Listening Post,” that’s trying to reinvent independent music marketing.  In addition, there is a great video on the page that showcases current paper apps in action.

Once you’ve had a chance to view that, experience images of butterflies coming alive, created by Japan’s Keio University.

Now, imagine the possibilities of interacting with customers in a totally new way – merging the nostalgic feel of paper with the engaging qualities of digital – flipping the page of a magazine and being able to interact with an advertisement that responds to the touch of your customers’ finger with intuition.

For me, I enjoy seeing the cross roads of advanced technology and old world ideas, especially when it creates new experiences for others and myself. Do you see this as a radical new conduit for communication or a fad that will fall wayside of the digital highway? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. TheDentalWarrior on

    Interesting! Right up 3M’s “alley,” given your expertise with film technologies. I’m not sure how we can apply it in dental marketing… yet. Before & After images, maybe? You touch the “before” with your finger, and it turns into the “after?” That would be cool.

    However, paper / print based marketing is dying out, while online / internet marketing is dominating.

    • 3M ESPE on

      Before and after images with a press of the button. I like it. How about a pictorial product use guide that speaks to you ?

      Thanks for your post , Mike.

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