A Boost to the Bottom-line – A Roundup of Marketing Tips and Hints for the Dental Practitioner

Tooth with dollar bill bandage

It is a risky market out there and no doubt dental offices across the nation have had a few rough years staying afloat. Luckily, however, the economy has been on a slow, but steady path of economic recovery – which is good news for everyone, including dentists and those involved in the dental industry, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

According to the United States Department of Labor employment rose by 227,000 in February. In addition, we’ve seen the Dow rise above 13,000 in recent days as stocks have rallied on good news from many industrials and the banking community.

These positive notes don’t equate to an absolute lift to your active patients – it means it’s time to get to work. Marketing in this delicate economy means being on top of your game, integrating promotion strategies, implementing top-notch service and developing loyal doctor-patient relationships.

To help with your marketing endeavor, I’ve rounded-up several articles that may be beneficial to your bottom-line during these complex times. Check them out:

I hope these help to provide you with a bit of guidance and navigation to meet your marketing goals. In addition, make sure you follow 3M ESPE on Twitter and Facebook, as we continuously post great articles to help our fellow friends in the dental community boost the bottom-line, stay abreast of emerging technologies and enhance oral care for their patients.

Recently find an article with terrific advice for dental practitioners?  Have some great marketing advice for dental practices? Please, if you possess the knowledge – share it!


4 comments so far

  1. Dentist Tucson AZ on

    I completely agree that the past few years have been difficult as a dentist, or any business person for that matter, but luckily things are leveling out. Thanks for the marketing tips, it’s always good to get fresh ideas of what you can do to help keep the practice afloat.

    • 3M ESPE on

      Hi Tim,
      The signs are pointing to optimistic enthusiasm for the dental industry in 2012. It is a fragile recovery, but it appears from several sources to be heading in the right direction. Glad the tips were of help.
      Best regards,

  2. Dental Practices For Sale on

    Thanks for sharing those several articles that may be beneficial to the bottom-line during those complex times of the dentists. This helps to provide us with a bit of guidance and navigation to meet our marketing goals.

    • 3M ESPE on

      Thanks for your comments. Glad to help.

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