Lighting a ‘Fire’

Woman on tablet

Photo credit: Diego Cervo

The Kindle Fire has quickly become’s best-selling product of all time!  At the same time that this new tablet was flying out the door, online spending for the holiday’s reached new highs. According to market research firm ComScore, between Nov. 1, 2011 and Dec. 26, 2011, consumers spent $35.3 billion online. This is 15% more than consumers spent online in the same time period in 2010. I would imagine that many of you were involved in this online extravaganza (I know I certainly was), so what drives you to buy online? Is it the convenience? The ability to compare products? Being able to wear sweats and a Tee shirt  while completing the holiday gift list?

What is it that makes so many of us shun the brick-and-mortar retail locations in favor of online purchases? Lines? Pesky salespeople (or other customers)? Lack of selection?  Describe your ideal on-line shopping experience. What gets your online purchasing ‘fire’ started?


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  1. Tim Wilson on

    Believe it or not, I think online shopping is great for buying gifts for others… But when it comes to shopping for myself, I almost feel like it’s worth the effort to have it now. As if it’s more fulfilling? Selfish? Who knows!

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