Social Hour

Social media. What do you think of when you see those two words?

Those two words have changed much of how our society communicates with one another. If we only look at Facebook, just one of a myriad of social media outlets online today, the company reports it garners 800 million active users, 50% of whom log in every day. That’s a lot of consumers.  And, it’s a lot of professionals, too.  We have a 3M ESPE Facebook page and we have a very steady flow of traffic viewing our content and interacting with us, as well. Of course, these are dental professionals, which is our target audience.

Are you targeting potential patients on Facebook? Would you gain referrals if your patients “like” you?  Have you mapped out an overall online marketing strategy that includes social media? According to The Media Audit (Oct. 2010), one third of US consumers spend >3 hours online every day.  If you’re not planning for this you might be missing a potentially huge opportunity.  And nobody “likes” that.


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  1. Tim Wilson on

    I agree completely. Social Media has changed the way we do a lot of things, and especially marketing. You guys have a steady flow of traffic from your target audience. I’m sure there’s several dentists who also have Social Media profiles and get a decent amount of business and interaction from their target audience as well.

    • 3M ESPE on

      Hi Tim,
      Thanks for your post. Check out this new video on YouTube. It does a nice job capturing the essence of the influence of Social Media

  2. john bauer on

    Ther are good reasons for Social Media and bad. The good is that businesses can post on various sites and actually grow from that. Used for the right reasons social media can bring friends close together by posting updates on their lives. The bad reason for these medias is that we have those hackers and unwanted junkers that make a bad name for this. The user is the one that must decide descretion when on Facebook,etc.

    • 3M ESPE on

      Hi John,
      Please check out our website, next month. We are implementing a new social media platform that I am hopeful will lead to an even greater level of online interaction with our customers.
      Best regards and thanks for your post.

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