Mobile Commerce

I think we all have a general understanding that for years online commerce has been very common in many people’s everyday lives.  Sites like eBay and Amazon have tremendous amounts of traffic and transactions that have made purchasing items via computer mainstream. Fast forward to 2011, where more smartphones were shipped than PCs for the first time ever, and it makes me ask the question: will mobile commerce explode in the coming years? According to Nielsen, 1 in 2 cell phone users will have a smartphone by Christmas of 2011, so there is clearly a large audience capable of purchasing in this way; however, if you take a look at some companies like eBay and Amazon, you see that mobile is not taking off quite so quickly when it comes to actually purchasing items (although, apparently eBay sells 3-4 Ferrari’s each month via their mobile app). Is this just normal slow market penetration, or are consumers more wary of mobile commerce?  How about in your own life?  Are you using that iPhone or Android to actually pull the trigger on a purchase? Or is the PC at home a more trusted shopping cart?


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  1. Steve on

    I use it for Amazon frequently. Amazon now has a “1-Click” service where you set up a default credit card and address, rather than go through cumbersome dropdowns and filling out several *required fields on a smaller screen. You simply need to click “1-Click” and your order is complete.

    • 3M ESPE on

      Thanks for your comments and posts. I love the simplicity of Amazon’s “One Click”. Did almost all my Christmas shopping online.
      Best regards,

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