Group Effort

As a company, we pride ourselves on being in touch with dental professionals – continually asking for their insights into everything from products to industry trends. During some of these past sessions we spent considerable time obtaining reactions to our own ideas about dental adhesives, all leading up to a recent launch of a real game-changing adhesive that we’re calling Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive. With as much input as we received from practicing dentists, we think we have a real winner here!  

Now, I know that writing about products in this space hasn’t exactly set off a firestorm of commentary in the past (the last product blog made me feel a bit like the ringmaster of a cricket circus), but sometimes something is so unique, so special, that you just have to share.  This new adhesive is one of these items.  It is a completely new class of adhesive – a single bottle adhesive that is both total- and self-etch. And, it gets even better.  But don’t just take my word for it (unless you really want to).  Dr. John Burgess has a fair amount of positive things to say about this adhesive in an interview we recently conducted with him, and I believe you’ll see more and more dental professionals discussing this groundbreaking idea as it hits the market.

If you’d like a free sample, post a comment here and I’ll be sure to send some your way. And if you’ve used it, tell me about your experience.


7 comments so far

  1. TheDentalWarrior on

    Hi Keith,

    I had fun and learned a lot testing this adhesive up in Minneapolis last summer. I like that it can be used with a separate (additional etch), as a self-etch, wet, dry, etc. I’d be happy to test some out in the clinical setting of my office.

    Always nice hearing from you!


    • 3M ESPE on

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for the comments. Never let it be said I am not a man of my word. I will be happy to keep my promise and send a Scotchbond Universal Adhesive trial kit your way.
      Best regards,

  2. Dr Dentista SP on

    Will it be available in Brazil ..?? If yes can you send info off where to buy it?

    • 3M ESPE on

      Yes, we will be introducing Scotchbond Universal Adhesive, globally in the first quarter of 2012.

      When I return to the office tomorrow, I shall contact my colleague in Brazil to provide more information.

      Unfortunately, since you are located outside the US, I cannot send you a sample (from the US) for your evaluation .

      Thank you for your interest and post.

      Best regards,


    • 3M ESPE on

      I have passed your contact information to the 3M ESPE Business Director for Latin America. He will ensure that you are contacted regarding your inquiry.
      Best regards

      • Dentist in Orlando on

        This made me realize I should ask our head dentist in Orlando if he knows about this adhesive.

      • 3M ESPE on

        Please let me know the feedback from your head dentist. I will be happy to send you a sample of Scotchbond Universal Adhesive should you decide to evaluate it in your clinic.
        Thank you for your post.

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