Steve Jobs, Me and the iPad 2

My hero! Click on the picture for another great article about Steve Jobs

The passing of Steve Jobs on October 5, 2011 was a very sad event to be sure. He positively impacted millions of lives and changed the face of personal computing. The introduction of the iPod® and iTunes® changed the way we consume media. The iPhone® caused an explosion in smart phone usage. He did it again with the iPad®. Here is a personal story about my iPad® experience….

I know I’ve blogged about technology before, so I’m sure you’ve all realized I’m an easy mark for the latest gadget. So when the iPad 2 came out and I was still staring at my original iPad, it was driving me crazy not to have it.  I quickly made the decision to sell my iPad so I could put that money into the next version. I linked my passion for technology with the ease-of-use of the internet and listed my iPad on Craig’s List. 

Within 10 minutes I had three texts, an e-mail, and a phone call.  Two people wanted to trade (a drum set and a Blu-ray player, believe it or not), and the third person was interested in a straight up purchase.  So, I contacted the third person, made it very clear I would not take an offer, and set a meeting time and place. After driving the 40 minutes to meet this person, she ended up making me an offer for much less than we agreed upon.  Needless to say, I was a bit angry. During this time, however, I got another e-mail on my phone wanting to purchase my iPad.  I got back in my car, drove to meet the new person (much closer to my house, thankfully) and made the transaction.   

It’s a wonderful technology, the iPad 2.  Will I ever use the Facetime app?  Probably not. Did I need the 5x faster processor? No.  Do I love my iPad 2? You bet I do!

Are you into technology? Has there ever been a technology that you just had to have? How fully do you utilize it?


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  2. Cortez Lingard on

    This really answered my problem, thanks!

  3. Philadelphia mobile marketing on

    Steve jobs. What a shame. He was a true genius. I havent had time to toy with the ipad 2 yet but i look forward to it!

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