Wow – Technology Meets the Customer

If you’re like me, you hate grocery shopping. Electronics, cars and boat shopping – I’m all in, but groceries?

Turns out I am not alone. The second most hardworking people on earth – South Koreans – hate grocery shopping too. Many large corporations have failed miserably in Korea – Wal-Mart had to up sticks and leave – so what chance did Tesco, a major European grocery chain, have to succeed?

The approach they took was nothing short of brilliant…Tesco had been evolving in South Korea, but they were way behind the #1 market leader – E-Mart. The challenge: how to become #1 WITHOUT building many, many more stores.

The answer: bring the store to the people. Through a stunningly clever marriage of QR codes, smart phones and the virtual replication of the actual grocery store in subway stations, Tesco, with their new name of Home Plus eliminated the need to go to the actual grocery store. This approach allowed the busy South Koreans, subway commuters, to make use of their “wasted” travel time at the virtual store. Having completed their shopping by scanning the QR code, the item would be placed in their virtual shopping cart and it would be delivered to their homes, thereby increasing their free time. This approach has been extremely successful. Home Plus has become the #1 online grocery chain in South Korea and a close second to E-Mart in overall grocery business share.

This YouTube video is well worth two minutes of your time to fully appreciate the brilliance of this marriage of convenience.

Almost makes me want to go shopping. ☺ What do you think?


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    Brilliant idea.. that’s absolutely easy shopping…

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    Great points. Thanks for sharing that info. I have been bugged by grocery shopping too. I don’t want to be there falling in line and paying. Cars and manstuff.. no problem.. but grocery.. hmmm

    Mannie Reynolds, The Ortho guy at

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