An Embodiment of Our Marketing Philosophy

Recently one of our marketers, Tim McGlynn, was pictured on the cover of Proofs magazine for a Q&A feature on “picking the minds of award-winning dental marketers.” Tim is certainly a standout talent for us, and his responses to several of the questions do a good job of highlighting some of the underlying factors that make 3M a world class marketing organization. 

“It all begins with the customer,” Tim says. “If you clearly understand your customer’s needs, you can develop and market products that help solve their problems.”

Tim hits the nail on the head here. At 3M ESPE, and within every division of 3M, we view marketing as a tool to respond to our customers’ needs. But we recognize the importance of maintaining a dialog with customers to help us understand those needs as they evolve and change.

“New products,” Tim says, “need to appeal to what most U.S. dentists are looking for, and that is total cost savings, reduction in chair time, and improved clinical results. If you can show how your new product will deliver on that, you will earn a chance.”

This insight has developed as a result of our relationship with the dental community and our understanding of dentists’ priorities. Kudos to Tim for exemplifying our marketing philosophy, and thanks to the many dentists over the years who have given us their thoughts.


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