Twitter for the Uninitiated

Are you on Twitter? You’ve probably seen how consumers are more and more engaged with social tools, and how they often consider the opinion of their social network when shopping for a new product or service. Since patient referrals are an important source of business for dentists, it makes sense to communicate with patients via the routes they use most.

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Twitter, it’s a live information network where individuals share short clips of information, called Tweets. A Tweet can be up to 140 characters long, and can include links to other sources of information, such as a Web site or video. Tweets are like a headline – succinctly announcing an event, idea or promotion.

An important tool on Twitter is the hash tag symbol (#), which is used to help people find information about a specific topic. The symbol is inserted as a prefix to a word to identify the topic. For example, the hashtag #GNYDM was used during the Greater New York Dental Meeting to denote tweets about the show. Readers on Twitter can click a hashtag to see any other current tweets with the same hashtag, making it an easy way to categorize tweets according to topic or community. To see how this works, try performing a search for the hashtag #dental. And if you’re new to Twitter or thinking about joining, follow us at @3MESPEDental.


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