What are these strange boxes?

If you’ve wondered what all these strange-looking boxes are that you’ve seen on everything lately, it’s a “Quick Response Code,” or QR Code for short. These codes—black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background—help you get information quickly using your smart phone.
QR codes encode information such as text, URLs or other data so that it pops up when you scan the code with your smart phone. To be able to scan a code, your phone must have a QR code reader such as ScanLife installed. We’ve been incorporating QR codes into our advertisements and other materials recently, so watch for them in the coming months. To try it yourself, scan the accompanying QR code to add a contact for 3M ESPE Customer Care in your smart phone’s address book.
Have you seen any particularly interesting applications for this technology?

2 comments so far

  1. Steve on

    Best Buy has put QRCs on all of the pricing labels in the store to get the customer reviews from their websites on your mobile device.

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