The New Value

3M ESPE is known for sophisticated products that offer the latest and greatest from our scientific innovations. However, we are also aware that not every clinical situation demands products that are the latest and greatest. The last few years in particular have highlighted the importance of products that offer basic reliability and value—products that do what they say they will during the bread-and-butter procedures that make up a lot of the dentist’s day. For this reason, we have begun to consider how we can broaden our range of products to offer dentists tools that provide simplicity and good value.

This has resulted in the introduction of a new family brand of products for 3M ESPE, called Paradigm™. This brand is designed to provide dentists with competitively priced products that offer the standard features they rely on most. We’re beginning with a VPS impression material and a nano hybrid restorative— products that many dentists use every day. We know that a lot of dentists are closely watching their bottom line lately, but we still believe you can perform great dentistry with well made products from a trustworthy source. If you try one of these products soon, I hope you’ll let us know what you think.


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