Where is it effective to cut costs?

With summer coming, I’m looking to upgrade my grill to a model that will hopefully last longer than my past bargain buys. But I still don’t relish the prospect of paying an arm and a leg for one, so I’ve been using websites like Pricegrabber.com to try to find the best value. As a consumer, I’m happy to spend my free time researching an important purchase and looking for a great value. This led me to wonder if any dentists might be doing the same for their practices lately. Have you started to look for bargains in your office? Have you instructed your purchasing agents to do so? 

I’ve spoken with several dentists who are looking to control their costs, but don’t want to cut staff and cannot break their leases, so they find the one thing they can control is costs for sundries. But, considering that sundries costs in a typical office are 4 to 6 percent of revenues, even a 10 percent savings here doesn’t amount to much added to the bottom line after the costs incurred to do the research are included. Is it worth your time, or is it like driving around looking for cheap gas? Have you found any deals for the practice lately that were well worth it? Have you found any that ended up costing you more than just your time?


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