What do dentistry and car racing have in common?

3M ESPE recently teamed up with Henry Schein and the ADA’s Give Kids a Smile on an initiative to bring dental education to children at NASCAR events. The program distributed 7,000 free oral health kits at a family day event at the Charlotte, NC racetrack on March 12. We understand that most people probably aren’t thinking about dental care when they attend a sporting event, but in this case that’s precisely the point. NASCAR is the number one spectator sport in the US, and thousands of kids are in attendance at these races with their families. Events like this are an excellent opportunity to connect with kids in a fun way, and we’re glad to help educate them about dental care in this atmosphere. The highlight of this season’s initiative is yet to come—on October 15, the program will offer children free dental evaluations, fluoride treatments and dental sealants at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The Give Kids a Smile program is in its ninth year now, and more than 400,000 underserved children have received free oral health care from more than 12,000 dentists nationwide. 3M ESPE is proud to be a part of this ongoing work.




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  1. Hi Keith! I think I screwed up posting my comment, so I’ll try again. I remember reading that NASCAR has a higher annual revenue than the NFL, NBA, and MLB….. COMBINED!

    It’s nice to see that the benefits of today’s dentistry is being promoted at events like NASCAR.

    Your blog post title “What do dentistry and car racing have in common?” reminded me of one of my blog posts that relates auto racing to the practice of dentistry: http://thedentalwarrior.com/2011/02/23/dont-stare-at-the-dental-practice-wall/.

    It was great seeing you this weekend!


    • 3M ESPE on

      Loved reading your blog – I’ll remember “not to stare at the wall !”

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