Digital Impressions – What are you waiting for?


A few years ago, the laboratory business was in a quandary. Production of restorations was increasingly being outsourced to places like China, where the labor force was far cheaper. However, the more recent introduction of a number of productivity-increasing digital tools is giving labs a way to stay competitive while keeping production stateside. Labs now have tools like the Lava™ Scan ST Scanner, which can help them digitize a case, enabling fast design and greater automation of the production of the crown. The increase in productivity enabled by these technologies has made a significant difference in many labs’ business models.

But what about the dental office? Digital tools are available to increase productivity there as well, but many dentists have not yet taken advantage of these technologies. 3M ESPE’s primary tool here is of course the Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S., and recent improvements to this system’s software have made it faster and more accurate than ever. The Lava C.O.S. now offers a list of benefits that is hard to ignore. 3M ESPE guarantees the fit of restorations made with it. The new software makes scans even faster and the learning curve for new users is smoother. And it’s much more comfortable for patients.

As we’ve seen, improvements in productivity have made a big difference for the lab business. They can now impact the dental office as well. If you haven’t adopted digital impressioning yet, what’s stopping you?


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  1. dave sipos on

    I like your comment’s on China

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