Wanted: Your 3M Stories

I wrote recently about some of our 3M stories—the legends of how certain products came to be, or how inventions made in one category could be applied to others. This happens at 3M with both high-tech and low-tech products, from the films that we make for flatscreen TVs and PDAs, to the adhesives that go into our Post-It notes and other products.

But I realize that our “3M stories” are only one side of the story. What we love to hear from customers are their own stories about 3M products. As I’ve written before, 25% of the world’s population comes in contact with a 3M product every day. So whether you know it or not, 3M products are in your life in many ways outside of the office. Do you have any stories to tell? Has a 3M product ever helped you out of a fix?

I know that the next time I drill a hole in a wall, I’m going to try this cleanup method. I’m eager to hear about your other experiences with 3M.


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