A Happy Anniversary


February marked the 10-year anniversary of the merger of the 3M Dental Products division with ESPE Dental AG. Many of you have been practicing for much longer than that, so you’ve been able to witness the results of this merger as our two companies have integrated our products and gone on to create new innovations like Filtek™ Restoratives and Lava™ Zirconia. Our latest recognition as the most innovative dental company for the sixth year in a row reaffirms the goals we had 10 years ago to become a world-class partner for dentists. .

I was lucky enough to live in Germany from 2002-2005 during the early days of the integration. It was an unbelievable experience and one that I cherish. Skiing, hiking, travel and who wouldn’t want to visit Oktoberfest? If you are ever presented with the opportunity to visit Bavaria – take it. You will remember it forever.

Grüße an alle meine Freunde in Seefeld. Glückliche 10-jähriges Jubiläum.


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  1. raffaele caruso on

    I was working for 3M Dental Italy at that time. Now I am retired but still remember that challenging period of my professional life ( including Oktoberfest ,of course ). Happy Birthday

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