A Fair Deal

Those of us who are old enough to have experienced car-buying both pre- and post-Internet know the difference it makes to have access to fair pricing information. In the old days, the process of buying a car was brutal. You would be completely in the dark about the price of a car when you went to the dealership, and endure hours of badgering with a salesperson to settle on a price. This changed eventually, thanks to the availability of prices online and innovations like those introduced by now-defunct Saturn dealers.

Now, you can have a pretty good idea of a car’s price before you ever set foot on the lot. This means that when you purchase a car, you know whether you got a good deal. It’s not necessarily a matter of having the absolute best deal possible, but rather, feeling that you haven’t been completely taken in. When the deal is over, you know you paid a fair price. Do you think your patients feel that way when they visit you? I recently spoke with a dentist who had offered a deal to new patients on Groupon, and when all was said and done, felt that he had given away the proverbial farm. So, as some dentists are learning, sometimes a deal can be too good.

How about when you buy dental products? What resources do you use to know if you’re getting a fair deal on something?


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