Midwinter Sunshine?

Chicago Midwinter is fast approaching, and we in the dental industry are more eager than usual this year to see the turnout. Midwinter serves as a good bellwether for the industry, which is why manufacturers always work to put their best foot forward there. In fact, 3M ESPE will be unveiling a new booth this year, which we hope to have busy with visitors throughout the meeting.

Economic data from December and January has been encouraging, so many of us are hoping that Midwinter is the show where we finally see some optimism from dentists. Will you be there? What are you planning to see? And of great interest to manufacturers –  what are you planning to buy ? 🙂


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  1. Lawrence W Kolar, DDS on

    I was at the Midwinter meeting in Chicago for two days. I visited the 3M booth on both days. Very nice setup and it is very spacious and user-friendly. Meantime, i ordered the Pentamix “test drive” and I look forward to getting it and using it. Kudos to 3M for setting up this economical way to purchase a Pentamix machine along with impression material option packages. i hope to gt the machine and materials soon.

    • 3M ESPE on

      We unveiled our new booth at the Chicago meeting. Thanks for the positive feedback. The Pentamix test drive has been very popular. If you have any questions on your purchase , please call the 3MESPE Technical Hotline at 1-800-634-2249. The booth traffic was fairly steady this year (a definite increase over 2009) allowing us to reach our goal of donating $10,000 to NCOHF too.
      Thank you for your post.

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