Strength in Numbers

I recently came across Crowd Saver, a new Facebook promotion by Wal-Mart, which asks Facebook users to “like” a special product offer. If enough users click to “like” the offer, the promotional price is then activated. It’s very similar to Groupon, in that it encourages people to share their interest in a product publicly and spread the word about the deal to friends. Crowd Saver has the additional advantage of being embedded in Facebook, making it even easier for users to share the details of their bargains with their social circles.

The Chicago Dental Society recently published an article on the Groupon phenomenon and how it is affecting dentists. Like most coverage of these marketing schemes, the article cautions that dentists should plan carefully before participating in one of these offers in order to be prepared for the possible influx of patients and calls for information. While an influx of patients may seem like a nice problem to have, it can still present very real challenges to an office.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on these marketing tactics. Have you used them? If so, how did you prepare, and how did it pan out?


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  1. Cheryl Lewis on

    Keith, sometimes the best marketing strategy is simply being nice. 🙂 Here is my Valentine to my dentist:

    • 3M ESPE on

      Hi Cheryl,
      I just read your Valentine to your dentist – I can see why you would want to send this. Thanks for sharing.

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