Gadgets and Gears

It’s probably safe to say that most dentists are into gadgets and technology. While there’s no shortage of tools to learn about around the dental office, I find that many dentists indulge this interest outside of the office as well. For many, this extends to cars. Cars are an interest of mine too, which is why one of my favorite television shows is the BBC series “Top Gear.” If you haven’t seen it, Top Gear is not your typical car show. The three hosts use a variety of car reviews, humorous segments and interesting stunts—like driving to the edge of a volcano—to reach out to an audience that has grown far beyond just gearheads. In fact, the show is estimated to have 350 million viewers worldwide.

Top Gear’s popularity is a good reminder that scientific topics can appeal to all kinds of people, given the right treatment. Perhaps there are ways these tactics can be applied in the dental office as well.


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  1. Sunnyvale Dentist on

    Well, this is normal because dentist wants also the best for them and fro their clients. I hope that people will understand that.

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