New Ways to Grow

The dental industry is projected to grow in the low single digits in the coming year. At 3M ESPE, however, our growth goal is certainly higher than that, and I’d expect the same for our competitors. What this means is that in order to grow, we’ll have to win a share of the market from someone else. To do this, we rely on the excellent clinical efficacy and competitiveness of our products, while understanding the importance of great value, too.  But we also realize that in a market this over-crowded, we should look at new promotions and new ideas we’ve never tried before.

One idea that was mentioned to me by a dentist friend of mine is co-op advertising, in which we could, potentially, help provide advertising support or promotional materials for dentists who buy our products. As I’ve discussed here, the fact that 3M is the only dental company with wide consumer recognition might make co-branded ads more attention-getting to patients. Of course, this is just one option we’re considering. Is there something else you’d suggest? What kind of partnership materials would be most useful to you? BTW, did you know we DO offer a loyalty program that’s just been upgraded for 2011?


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  1. Dr. Craig Friedman on

    Keith, In response to the above comments, We ( our local study club) are developing a group informational website that is going to consist of 19 dentists to include 6 specialists. We are going to have sponsors as well like sonicare, patterson dental etc. As a marketer what do you think of this idea.

    • 3M ESPE on

      Dear Craig,
      Thank you for your post. Sorry I missed you by several days on my response. The collaboration and the fact you are a multi disciplinary group of dentists is a definite plus. What is the primary objective for the website ? You mentioned it will be informational. Is the target audience other GP’s outside your group, only your group or the general public ? You mentioned sponsors, that will certainly help defray costs – depending on your audience and purpose. The commercialization is often a necessary evil, but can be managed not to be intrusive. What unique benefit will your site provide to it’s visitors ? What strategy are you going to utilize to drive traffic ? Just a few questions to get the conversation going. I wish you luck with your endeavor.
      Best regards,

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