Gee, I wonder who said that?

Word got to us recently that there’s been some confusion in the glass ionomer market about our Ketac Nano product, and whether it is, in fact, a true GI. To put it less tactfully, by “confusion in the market,” what I really mean is “a competitor’s been making misleading statements.” It happens. Honestly, what makes me chuckle about the situation is that it takes some serious nerve to suggest that our scientists don’t know what they’re talking about.

In fact, we invented the resin-modified glass ionomer, so this is an area in which we have more than a little expertise. If you want to know the nitty-gritty about glass ionomers, I recommend this recent Dr. Bicuspid article, which outlines the differences between classic and resin modified glass ionomers, as well as compomers. If you’d like to go even deeper than that, you can read “A revised classification for direct tooth-colored restorative materials,” in which you’ll see the defining characteristics of an RMGI, which include sustained fluoride release and fluoride recharge. Compomers, on the other hand, have significantly lower fluoride release levels.

All of the defining GI properties are exhibited by Ketac Nano restorative. Considering how effective it is, I guess I can understand why a rival manufacturer would want to spread misinformation about it. But I urge you to get the whole story for yourself by reading the articles above. I think you’ll find them significantly more factual than idle chatter on a trade show floor.


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