Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

As a technology buff, I spend a good amount of time (and consequently, money) with Apple. Recently, I was looking on their website for a support contact, and was impressed by a feature on the company’s website. Click on the “have us call you now” button, enter your phone number, and within 10 seconds you’ll get a call. It’s simple, but I was really blown away by this feature, and impressed with Apple for finding a way around making customers wait on hold for service. 

I’m also consistently impressed with the service I receive when I visit the Apple store. You can make an appointment in advance to talk with someone at the “Genius Bar,” and employees in the store are always helpful and informed. You won’t find any cash registers in an Apple store either—transactions are processed with terminals the staff wear on toolbelts, so you can check out wherever you’d like. 

Examples like these always make me look for ways we can apply new customer service tools within 3M ESPE. We’re very proud of the service we provide at our Customer Care Center, where our representatives are well informed enough to answer 95 percent of customers’ questions without elevating the call. Are there other customer service offerings you’d like to see us provide? Should we call you, or would you like to see our field reps have more technological tools, like Apple? What’s the most impressive customer service tool you’ve seen from a dental company?


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