Show Off… or Show On?

I’ve mentioned before how I see the nature of tradeshows changing. It used to be that dentists could count on getting the best deal on products by ordering from a rep at a show, but now the deals are everywhere. So why do dentists go to shows anymore? Is it about having a chance to socialize or travel? Or is it for the access to great CE? Maybe you like fluorescent lighting and bad coffee?

This is something we’re interested in knowing because, to be honest, exhibiting at tradeshows is typically a revenue-neutral move for us. But if there were something we could offer to make the experience more valuable for dentists, we’d certainly want to do that. Frankly, our reps would probably welcome something different just to have a little variety. So what do you want to see at a show? Which ones do you attend, and does 3M ESPE need to be there?


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