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Last week I talked about why 3M ESPE still believes in field representatives and the value they can provide to a dental practice. For those reasons, we invest a lot in training our representatives and keeping them educated on our offerings. These men and women are experts on our products and could probably talk your ear off about topics like the selective etch technique or the virtues of polyether versus vinylpolysiloxane- basically, all the things that may make your spouse’s eyes glaze over whenever you try to bring them up.  

The thing is, we understand that most of you don’t have time for that. Most of our reps get just two to three minutes of time with a dentist during a visit. You probably spend more time than that picking out your shirt in the morning. So I want to hear from you—how valuable are those three minutes? Are you getting everything you need from your time with a rep, or is there a better way that we can interact with you? We are proud to have pioneered the concept of the lunch-and-learn (following the important scientific discovery that if you bring people food, you can have more of their time), and we know this is an effective way to touch base with the dental team. But is there something new you’d like to suggest? If so, I’m all ears—and your rep will be too.


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  1. De on

    I agree, my 3M ESPE rep’s are well trained and educated & yes the 3 minutes are valuable to me, the information your rep offers is quick, thorough and educational to the doc. The lunch & learns are the most effective tool I have been a part of, as you stated these meetings get the attention & focus of not only the doc but the team, & what the team wants many times the team gets. Something new I think would be helpful is for the dealer rep to have a better understanding of the 3M ESPE Select Program, this is a great tool for the dealer rep to use to offer the doc commitment, support & savings. This tool shows the doc that I as a dealer rep care about his practice, this tool also helps to keep my competor out.

    • 3M ESPE on

      Your comment is really timely. We are currently reviewing the Dental Select program for 2011. Not sure if you have seen “Connections”. this is a quarterly newsletter exclusively sent to all 3M ESPE authorized distributor sales representatives. I will make sure that there is an editorial to help explain the new program. Great input. Thank you.

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