Giving Your All

Many of us have a cause or charity to which we contribute our time, money, or both. Perhaps it’s a popular cause in the dental community, such as Give Kids a Smile or Oral Health America.  Many of you may also contribute to local organizations or non-dental charities that are close to your heart. What made you choose the organizations that you support? What kind of cause most motivates you?

At 3M ESPE, we’re involved with a range of charities, including National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, Oral Health America and Give Kids a Smile, to name a few.  

Do a manufacturer’s philanthropic efforts impact your opinion of the company? Are there any manufacturer-cause matches that strike you as particularly good or bad? A cynic might think that “good PR” is the only reason that a manufacturer might be involved with charitable work, but I believe that the benefits we gain from our partnerships extend far beyond that, from building internal morale to recruiting the next generation of dental professionals.

I’m interested to hear more about the causes you support, and the benefits you gain as well.


3 comments so far

  1. Ben on


    Thanks for the shoutout! We appreciate 3M ESPE’s awesome support through product and fund donations for Oral Health America’s programs.

    Ben Anders
    Oral Health America

  2. Patrick J Foy, DDS on

    Keith, 3M has been very generous in the dental community. Many in the world of dentistry appreciate your efforts at 3M.Minnesota is lucky to a company like 3M in our backyard. Patrick J Foy, DDS

  3. J. Robertson on

    I do believe the philanthropic efforts certainly affect the opinion I have of a company. It offers indication of core values and specifically what your company supports. As a laboratory, we’ve partnered to support the restorative work of a homeless dental clinic in Phoenix as well as victims of domestic abuse. The result has been a surge of pride for the employees to support such a worthy cause as well contributing to relationships within the dental community of other volunteers, dentists, assistants and hygienists. It creates an unmatched sense of community.

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