Dialing It Up

The tech world had a bit of a shock last year when data was released showing that the iPhone had taken over nearly half of Japan’s smart phone market. Experts initially did not have high hopes for the device there as it was thought that it was too simplistic for the sophisticated Japanese smart phone user. Over 90 percent of Japan’s mobile phones are smart phones  (approximately twice the amount as in the U.S.) and Japanese consumers are among the most technologically advanced in the world. But it seems that the iPhone won users over with its ease of use and its applications (apps)—some of the same reasons the device has been so popular in the U.S.

We’ve been looking more closely into dentists’ use of smart phones in the U.S., and it appears that many of you are rather sophisticated users yourselves. We found that more than half of dentists use the devices, versus less than 40 percent of the general population. We also found that the vast majority of you visit social networking sites (DentalTown chief among them) as opposed to less than half of the general population. Additionally, dentists are more likely than the general population to be online multiple times per day—more than 90 percent of you report this. It seems clear that being connected to the Web—wherever you are—is an important ability for dentists.

Since the broad availability of apps was a leading factor in the iPhone’s success in Japan, I’d like to know which ones you find the most useful. Is there an app from a dental company you particularly like? If not, what features would you most like to see in a dental-related app?


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