Self-Etch Adhesives: Is this the proof you’ve been waiting for?

It’s no secret that 3M’s adhesive technologies are some of our most sophisticated, and our dental adhesives are no exception. We’ve recently published a collection of research detailing how Adper™ Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive is making believers out of total-etch devotees.

For many years, the majority of opinion leaders have been lukewarm on the subject of self-etch adhesives, due to a lack of data supporting their bond strength to enamel. At the same time, however, the popularity of self-etch adhesives with practicing dentists has been rising steadily, and these products now represent half of the adhesive market.  With time, more data has emerged that can give self-etch fans peace of mind. Current research shows that Adper Easy Bond self-etch adhesive does work effectively on enamel, and on dentin it delivers bond strengths that are the same or higher than total-etch systems.

We believe that Adper Easy Bond self-etch adhesive offers dentists the best of both worlds—the simple technique of a self-etch system with the reliable bond of a total-etch product. And it’s especially well-suited for the selective etch technique, which is recommended for 7th generation materials when uncut enamel is involved. Adper Easy Bond self-etch adhesive was designed to be very chemically similar to our total-etch Adper™ Single Bond Plus Adhesive, so if a dentist accidentally etches dentin during the selective etching process, the bond strength will not suffer. That’s not the case with every self-etch product.

So in situations where you want ease of use and virtually no post-operative sensitivity, the classic technique for Adper Easy Bond self-etch adhesive will serve you well. And in cases with exposed enamel margins where you’d like a separate acid etch, the chemistry of this product is uniquely suited for your needs.

I think this data is what the self-etch holdouts have been waiting for, and I encourage you to download the Collection of Scientific Results on our website to see for yourself. If that’s not enough proof for you—and because I want to see if you’re reading this—I’ll send a free sample of Adper Easy Bond self-etch adhesive to the first 50 dentists who comment here with their email addresses.


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  1. Robert Dyas on

    Hi Keith
    Sounds great would you like to submit an article on our rapidly growing Online Dental Education Site:
    We have over 4,500 members since August 2010, and are continuing to grow.
    I look forward to your reply

    • 3M ESPE on

      Hi Robert,
      I checked out your link. The site looks great. As the site is based in the UK, I am going to pass your offer to submit an educational article on to our Professional Relations Manager in the UK. With Christmas right around the corner, I expect he will reply to you immediately following the holidays.
      Best regards and thanks for your post.

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