Help Me, Help You

One of our philosophies at 3M ESPE is that it is our job to provide dental professionals like yourself with solutions to your problems. Primarily, we go at this by providing products that help you do your job. But there are a number of ways that we can relay our product information to you, and we want to make sure that we’re solving problems in that realm as well. That’s why we’d like to hear your ideas about what kind of tools you find helpful in your visits with field representatives.  

With our field reps out there visiting dental offices, we spend a lot of time developing educational tools they can use in their visits with you. But I’d like to hear from you directly about what you’d like to see more of (or less of). What is a typical sales call like in your office? Is it helpful when a rep leaves research for you, or do you prefer a quick summary in a brochure or fact sheet? Are there materials that you would find useful for a study club or other continuing education purposes?

We know your time in the office is very valuable, and we want to help make the most of it. I’m eager to learn how we can improve our field materials to make them more helpful to you.


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