See You at the Show?

The Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting took place in late February, and those of us from 3M ESPE who were able to attend have been comparing notes about our experiences.  Not surprisingly, considering the economic climate, attendance figures were flat compared to last year. The CDS attempted a minor date change, with the show running Thursday through Saturday, as opposed to the previous Friday through Sunday setup. It’s not entirely clear how successful this was, however, as traffic at the show appeared slow on both Thursday and Saturday. Our team wondered how well this switch was advertised, particularly for Chicago-area dentists. Did you know in advance that Thursday was an option? Or is it just that most attendees would prefer to keep their visits to Friday and Saturday? 

We noticed two other factors that might have kept dentists from the show floor – the schedule for continuing education programs had only very short gaps between sessions, and it seemed that lots of ancillary meetings were taking place inside the hotels, too.  As a manufacturer on the floor, we’re very interested in learning more about what it is that draws dental professionals to visit booths these days. It used to be that it was worth your while to visit the show floor because the “show specials” offered on products there were hard to beat. Now, however, the Internet has helped bring the best offers to everyone no matter the geography. We’re currently exploring how we can bring these two factors together, by rewarding customers for visiting us both online and in person. Social media and mobile applications like Four Square and FastMall, which let users access special offers from their cell phones when they visit a store’s location, provide some interesting possibilities, but I’d also like to hear from you about what makes for a “must visit” booth.

Did you attend Midwinter this year? If so, what were your thoughts?   If you’re planning on attending another spring trade show (Hinman, CDA, etc.) this year, what are you looking for when you go?  What draws you to the show floor and specific booths?


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  1. @FastMall on

    Hello Keith,

    If you are interested in adapting FastMall’s technology to another medium let us know.

    Sam (@)

    • Keith Haig on


      Yes I am interested in opportunities that FastMall’s technology may offer.
      Please contact me at

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