The Tooth Fairy

A fellow Minnesotan company, Delta Dental, recently announced the results of their annual “Tooth Fairy Poll,” which tracks the going rate that children receive from the “Tooth Fairy” for a lost tooth. It was good news for the kids—prices are up 13 percent from last year, with a national average of $2.13. Nice work if you can get it!

We’ve been having some fun with the Tooth Fairy ourselves at 3M ESPE, making a series of webisodes for our new Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative. The series, “Fleecing the Tooth Fairy,” will play out over the coming weeks on our microsite, and as you can see in the preview, our tooth fairy catches some heat after a young “tooth counterfeiter” fools him using Filtek Supreme Ultra. We thought this series would be a fun way of conveying some of the strengths of our new composite, especially its improved polish retention and fluorescence.

Along with the Tooth Fairy data, the Delta Dental survey also asks parents about their childrens’ dental health, and it found more good news this year. More children are making their first dental visits by the age of two, and nearly 90 percent of parents said they take their children to the dental office every six months.

As 3M ESPE has become more involved in the preventive realm (and pediatrics by association) within the past few years, information like this is of interest to us. We believe that preventive care will play an increasingly important role in dentistry as oral care habits improve and as more is learned about the caries process. The Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) protocols published by the Journal of the California Dental Association represent some of the most promising work done recently on this topic, and this research along with the published guidelines of the American Dental Association has informed the development of our Preventive Measures Oral Health Risk Assessment and Management Program. This program assists hygienists and dentists with assessing patients’ caries risk and identifying clinical protocols to help manage patients individually.

We hope that the positive trends in children’s oral healthcare continue, because even though we make outstanding restorative products, we know that it all begins with prevention.


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